Thursday, July 25, 2013

Final Project

Class was an AwEsOmE journey  (this is only my 2nd iMovie)

Thank you everyone for your comments, insights, expertise, & inspiration!!

This week went way, way to fast.

Daniel Pink in conversation with Prof. Yong Zhao

I shared this direct from youtube! This is the first time I have done that, normally I copy address then add as a much quicker & specific

Downhill slide, the snowball is getting bigger

It is hard to believe class is almost over. We have learned so much new & exciting information that I feel like a snowflake that has fallen on fresh powder and is now rolling down a hill getting exponentially larger with every revolution...

What will today bring??

Center Court - "local vision"

implementing technology with staff, personal use of skills learned this week used at school, use imovies for meetings, diigo/google research tools for staff/students, offer G a job :-) {he needs to teach a L&C course}, resources to Wiki {multi-person blog} so all staff can see/use, Wikipedia is accurate {open source learning/data collection}, remember to look at "why" {uneducated, afraid, not sure what for, some already there}, personally inside own head then off to staff, let kids own it & create it, never "land" keep learning!

Today's videos

added as video, instead of link

I am a divergent thinker not a creative thinker!!  That really hit me hard as I always feel not very intelligent compared to my colleagues/educated friends because I use others ideas or can walk through numerous solutions from situations presented. Now I know why I want education to change & like to "think outside the box"...collaboration is one of my strong skill sets but most in education do not care for it or seem to be afraid of my abilities. Collaboration & divergent thinking is OK and in fact probably the norm that is squashed by the education system of uniformity & conformity!

I actually embedded this video with code under HTML (not link, cut n past, etc)

WOW, such powerful videos. I need to share these with my staff. One of my personal charges (vision) is to use technology more so I can be a catalyst for rest of staff. That is why I stated how I put these videos in this blog. I am trying/using different techniques so I can better curate my knowledge.

MOOC's = Massive Open Online Course

newest fad, is there a financial reason, actual coursework from credited universities BUT you do not get credit, application for giving students credit??, ethical uses??

Effective Webpages & Presentations

  •  Clear vision & purpose
  • user-focused navigation
  • user engagement
  • clear & concise messaging
  • simplicity

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump Day Reflection

Center Court - poor practice integrating technology

personal use, lazy applications, social media communications by staff, low tech use with high tech tools, lack of training, students use of social media/publishing, advocating for students, legal concerns both students & staff, impacts student learning (especially social media), printing all information even if all  digital, stuck on 19th/20th century practices/morals when in the digital age, lack of one on one training or retraining when new staff comes in, allocate funds to get hardware then NO $$ for apps/storage/use, turn in devices for summer break...share your story

Article Discussion - 'Flipped' PD Initiative Boosts Teachers' Tech Skills

I used Diigo (bookmarking/highlighting data base) for the first time with this article...where was this tool when I wrote my undergrad thesis & masters lit review? Just shows how fast the times are changing.

This article is a great example of effective and relevant professional development. How many of us have sat in forced presentations, heard a colleague went to an underwater basket weaving class, or just wondered what the development meant for the classroom.

How much time & $$ does this transition or switch cost? Does taking traditional resources funding and converting to this model cover costs or does it take more.

 Play time with an educational website:

Teaching Channel

wonderful site for videos on numerous topics in education. Has videos & discussions about specific topics, grade level, subject, ect. I was impressed with the "teacher" link that has a ton of teachers sharing their own insights, experience & videos.

Guest speaker - Google apps 

"Re-imagine capacity & Re-image the student"
G Doug Bundy His Site
Guest Speaker: G Bundy, Certified Google Teacher, at Raleigh Hills K-8 (Beaverton School District)

GOOGLE DOCS ROCKS!! research, cite, photos, credibility, editing, real time collaboration ALL in one spot!!

GOOGLE TRANSLATE...real time translation & SPOKEN VOICE!!
google translate
  • accurate
  • fast fast fast
  • verbal if needed
  • numerous languages
  •  allows staff to scan not fully translate
  • always updated by google
Look here for open notes on his presentations on the plethora of Google app opportunities
google apps insights

wikistream - great example of organic knowledge needs to realize this is the world we live in now. I will probably use this as an example for staff stuck in industrial model of learning.

TED video - Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud (I want to go watch this video)

student source example - Beaverton K-8 school student source websie
EXCELLENT example of organic learning & were the educational system needs to be going

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Reflections

Center Court - thank you all for your insights & experiences! It is awesome to hear others are having success with technology, nice breath of fresh we need to get more staff on board.

Dr. Yong Zhao - a must read & MUST SEE in person;postID=9063836551558485437

Having seen  Dr. Zhao in person I am a true believer and wish politicians would spend time learning his perspectives.  He may not have all the correct answers but he is challenging the way people need to think about is time for a "revolution" not reform!

The power of videos:

2011 remake of video from Prof Wesh seen in class


Digital learners must have technology in their education 
technology is the world WE live in!

Found a great link for more documents by Prof Michael Wesh and his cultural anthropologist students
(It is awesome to see the connections to the education system and culture through anthropology)

Video, Me & Education

My first iMovie (did in class under 20 min)

This is so simple, quick & easy!! iMovie & QuickTime are true must for all educators tool bag...

My mind is running wild with so many ways to help staff & students...

  •  Celebrate successes
  • Document how to do assignment
  • How to use program
  • Advocate for specific interests, people, needs ect
  • Jazz up staff meetings, lesson plans, trainings
  • endless opportunities???

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Video Reflections - my thoughs (please comment with your insights)

 Learning to Change-Changing to Learn

Schools are WAY WAY behind the technology of today!

Educators must use technology in school as it is part of daily life for all students.

Why is the most used technologies blocked/not used/frowned upon in schools??
  • money/cost
  • fear
  • distraction
  • lack of professional development
  • legal issues
  • model of education not equipped for 21st century
  • ????
 Is this a time of "Death of Education" or a "Birth of Learning"

What if the education system started from scratch today...what would it look like...

Could you imagine if doctors only had stethoscopes & cutting tools today?

Education is a profession and teachers need to be seen as the expert and allowed to develop & change how learning happens for students with all the possible tools now or in the future!


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